Triple screw pump PDF

Triple Screw Pump Model-PDF

Horizontal or vertical flange pump with laterally arranged flange connections.

PDF range of Triple Screw Pumps are of special design pumps available in horizontal bell housing mounting construction. These pumps consist of a Casing with Replaceable Cartridge Assembly. Pump is directly coupled to a motor through a flexible coupling mounted on a bell housing thus saving requirements of a long base frame.

These pumps have horizontal flange mounted Casings with Lateral Suction and Discharge. Casings are available in different materials such as Cast Iron & Carbon Steel Cast And Carbon Steel Fabricated. For pumps handling fuel oils heating cover is provided for heating of liquid entering the suction of pump. In case of pumps handling liquids at high temperatures, complete heating of casings is also possible.

The pumps are provided with a Built In Relief Valve, which allows excess pressure to be re-circulated to suction chamber. Alternatively a Return Valve is provided which allows excess pressure to return to a separate tank.

Application Area

  • Internal or External Bearing Design Available
  • Turbulence free pulsation less flow
  • Pumps suitable for low NPSH
  • Replaceable Cartridge Construction
  • Noiseless operation
  • Low Maintenance
  • Long life
  • Orientation of inlet / outlet to meet specific requirement
  • Variety Of Casing Material Available
  • Variety Of Sealing Arrangement Possible
  • Variety Of Mounting Arrangement Possible