Triple screw pump PDE

Triple Screw Pump Model-PDE

Complete cartridge pump ready for operation, to be directly mounted in plants or machines, also without additional casing.

PDE design pumps are basic designs in cartridge construction, which forms a basic pumping element in a complete pump. But with special construction these pumps can be used as a complete pump without an external casing. Pump consist of a set of three screws rotating inside a replaceable liner with mechanical seal.

Application Area

  • Internal or External Bearing Design Available
  • Turbulence free pulsation less flow
  • Pumps suitable for low NPSH
  • Replaceable Cartridge Construction
  • Noiseless operation
  • Low Maintenance
  • Long life
  • Orientation of inlet / outlet to meet specific requirement
  • Variety Of Casing Material Available
  • Variety Of Sealing Arrangement Possible
  • Variety Of Mounting Arrangement Possible