Single screw pump

UTPSPL Eccentric Helical Rotor Pumps also known as Progressive Cavity Pumps or single screw pumps are compact, light weight available in different sizes and material of construction.They can be used to transfer all type of Liquid which are low or high viscous,neutral or aggressive media, with or without solid or fibrous matter.They are very well suited to all type of Industries.

UT Pumps & Systems Pvt Ltd also manufactures Single Screw Pumps as per designs acquired from Bornemann and can offer spares and complete pumps identical to and interchangeable with Bornemann pumps.

Principle of operation

Eccentric Helical Rotor pumps are self-priming, rotary, valve less positive displacement pumps of the simplest construction.They have only two pumping elements: the rotor and the Stator The stator has double the pitch of the rotor. As the rotors turns, cavities are formed between Rotor & stator. On movement of the rotor, the chambers turn helically in an axial direction, i.e. backward or forward according to direction of rotation. The Liquid to be pumped moves through these cavities. Pump produces a pulsation less,turbulence free flow. The ability to provide high vacuum in the suction pipe makes them self-priming pumps. This configuration makes UTPSPL Pumps ideally suited for high suction lift.

Features and Advantages

  • Small Initial Starting Torque
  • Higher Mechanical Efficiency
  • Capability to handle large properties of solids
  • Can handle high proportion of gas & entrapped air
  • Less radial thrust
  • Low rubbing velocity
  • Less wear
  • Lower axial thrust
  • Quieter operation
  • Small initial breakaway torque
  • Minimal failure
  • Cordan Joint Completely sealed against liquid
  • High torque transmission
  • Longer Life
  • Compatible to different liquids