Single screw pump EU

Single Screw Pump Model-EU

Vertical Installation Pumps with especially designed pump housing and joint shafts for Specific application, used for low or high viscous media.

Eccentric Helical Rotor EU pumps are vertical pump with housing designed individually for each application and by a correspondingly extended joint shaft. They are installed in a vertical position only and are used to transfer low or highly viscous media with or without solid or fibrous components. Running at low speed ,pumps have vibration free operation. These pumps are available in pressure range 1-stage(6 bars), 2-stage (12 bars) and 4-stage (24 bars).They are ideally suited for emptying out deep underground drain tanks.

Capacity Range Available : - 5 LPM to 4500 LPM

Advantages of EU

  • Available in various rotor/stator material combinations
  • Ability to handle fluid gently and with extremely low shearing
  • Available in different casing materials