Single screw pump ER

Single Screw Pump Model-ER

Standard Design horizontal pumps for handling extremely viscous,pasty or hardly pumpable media or media.

Eccentric Helical Rotor pumps type ER are different from range EH by a special Pumps casing and a special conveyor shaft to transfer viscous liquid to suction chamber. They are only installed horizontally and are used to handle extremely viscous, pasty or hardly pumpable media, or media with a content of solid matter (up to 60% drying agent). the range of applications covers all branches of industry that have to transport such products, from water treatment to the sugar industry. The ER design is available in 1-stage(6 bar), 2-stage(12 bar) and 4-stage(24 bar) pressure range.

Capacity Range Available : - 5 LPM to 4500 LPM