Single screw pump EL

Single Screw Pump Model-EL

Bearing Housing directly connected to the driver, horizontal installation, for low or high viscous, neutral or abrasive media, with or without solids.

Eccentric Helical Rotor EL pumps permit pumping in either direction and provides the high suction lift capability and smooth, pulsion free delivery.By mounting the pump and motor on a bell housing, the need of a separate base plate and foundation is eliminated.The EL design is available in 1-satge(6 bar) , 2-stage(12 bar) and 4-stage (24 bar) pressure range.

Capacity Range Available : - 5 LPM to 4500 LPM

Advantages of EL

  • Compact Design
  • Available in numerous rotor/stator material combinations
  • Ability to handle fluid gently and with extremely low shearing
  • Available in different casing materials viz. CI,Carbon steel, Stainless steel