High pressure pump

Triplex Plunger Pump Models UTPS-15000

The forged alloy steel , duly ultrasonically tested , machined with accuracy , supported by heavy cylindrical roller bearing and driven by means of External Gear Box .

Crank Shaft driven with Pulley & Belt arrangement can be supplied

The Ductile Iron Connecting links have replaceable steel backed Bi-metallic bearing.

Lubrication - Offered with ForcedLubrication , mounted on crank shaft

Bare pump consists of a high precision ultrasonically tested pump head with valves made from high strength special material. Performance characteristics of pump can be altered by simple change of conversion kits.

The conversion kit consists of oxide ceramic plunger, which ensures lowest friction thus increasing mechanical efficiency of pumps as well as life of sealing elements.

Pressure Range : - Up to 1100 Bars

Capacity Range : - Up to 310 LPM

Complete unit is supplied with pump coupled to motor through helical inline gear box with highly efficient and reliable flexible coupling or driven through V' Belt/ pulley arrangement. Supply of clean pressurized water is ensured through a strainer and centrifugal pump mounted on the unit.

The complete unit is installed on a vibration free fixed base frame or tow able trolley with solid/pneumatic tyers.