Cleaning Systems

Solar Panel Cleaning System

Solar panels are the leading renewable energy technology of this era.

As the use of this technology continues to grow, the need for their maintenance and cleaning has also increased.

Solar panel is generally self cleaning but in particularly dry areas or where panel tilt is minimum, dirt, dust and industrial residues are accumulated over time and can affect the efficiency considerably and may also affect the material of panels.

Our SOLAR PANEL CLEANING SYSTEMS provides the best solution for cleaning of solar panels.

It comes with high pressure water jetting pumps which are truck mounted or base frame mounted as per the requirement.

Our unique feature is specially designed Lancing System and Lance manipulator.

Lancing System consists of multi functional nozzle system which provides effective cleaning of Solar Panel with minimum Human effort.

Lance manipulator is Multi – directional and is mounted on truck at height of 3 – 4 meter and can access every part of solar panel. Its ease of movement assists in covering very large surface areas.

  • Working Pressure from 60 – 150 Bars
  • Truck mounted systems with Water Tank capacity of 500 – 1800 Liters
  • Multi directional and multiple Lance functioning features for easy access to every part
  • Customized systems to suit specific requirements, including provisions of various sources of Power supply.

We also suggest ways to collect and reuse the water, thus contributing towards water conservation.